The following are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please send them to: Webmaster@NJCEUcenter.com .  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How many on-line classes can I take?

You may take a maximum of 10 hours of your required 24 hours using on-line classes for each license.

Do I need to be a licensee to take CEU Courses or use this website?

No.  Anyone in the Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm or Locksmith industry can use the website to search, select and pay for courses for themselves or for someone else. Those planning on applying for a license need 80 hours of training and will find courses they need including the five 2 hr. required courses (ADA, UCC, Barrier Free, Safety and Laws and Rules of the Trade) they need on this website.

How do I know what courses to take that qualify for my license?

1. Take the required courses for your license. 2. Take additional courses except those outside the scope of your  license(s). The course codes will help you identify courses in and out of scope for you.  For example, TECFA (Tecnical Fire Alarm) for Fire Alarm Licensees;  TECES (Technical Electronic Security), The course code TECLD (Technical Lock Devices) is reserved for Locksmith Licensees and TECBA is reserved for Burglar Alarm Licensees. There are plenty of courses, locations and dates to choose from.  Remember to look for and take courses that will help you run your business better, stay current with codes and laws, learn about new products to your customers, etc.

How many CEU's do I need for each license?

The basic requirement for each license is 24 Credits (24 hours per license). Holders of multiple licenses may need fewer total credits since ten credits (the required courses) can be shared between licenses.

How many CEU's can I share between licenses?

You can use only the required course credits from one license towards the requirements of your other licenses.  No other CEU's can be shared.

Are there certain CEU credits that I should share between licenses?

Yes, ADA, UCC, Barrier Free, Safety and Laws and regulations of the trade should be shared. Failing to do this may mean having to take the required courses more than once or losing the value of sharing credits between licenses.

When do I need to have all my CEU's completed by?

You must complete all your CEU's before you can renew your license which expires 8/31/2019.

Can I use courses I took for my P Certification to satisfy my Fire Alarm License requirements?

Only Courses Approved for Continuing Education by the Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Advisory Committee can be used to satisfy your Alarm or Locksmith CEU requirements. Courses on this web site are approved. They will have an approval course code assigned by the Advisory Committee.  Ask your education providers for the NJ approval course code before taking them to be sure they count for your license.  They should be able to give you a copy of the approval letter from the Advisory Committee.  Additionally you should receive an official NJ Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Advisory Committee certificate upon complettion of the course.

Can I use courses on this website to satisfy the 80 hour requirement for my initial license?

Yes, Any CEU listed on this website (in the area of practice for the license you are seeking can be used to satisfy the education needed for an initial license. The ADA, UCC, Barrier Free, Safety and Laws and Regs of the Trade courses on this website are also applicable for new licensees.

Can a certificate for a 4 hour CEU course be split so that 2 hours apply to one license and two hours to another license?

Plan to apply all the credits from a certificate to one license. If you have more certificates than you need for a license, you can carry those credits forward to the next licensing cycle.  If they are not TECBA, TECFA, TECLD or TECRF courses, you can use them for any license.

How do I share credits between my licenses?

You can manually enter the same CEU Courses (up to 10 hours) in additional licenses under the appropriate category on the CEU Plan page. For example, if you take a 2 hour ADA course, enter it in the ADA category on the CEU Plan page for each license you have.

How do I enter courses I have already taken into the CEU Plan page?

Manually enter the course by selecting "enter certificate" and entering the name of the course and the number of hours in the hours column. Be sure to use the appropriate course category.

How do I account for articles I wrote that were published in a trade journal?

You can manually enter the article title in the section corresponding to the article you wrote, for example; if you wrote an article on access control, that should be entered in the category TECES. An article of 250 words or more qualifies for 2 CEU credits so you would enter 2 in the box for hours.

What if my certificate does not indicate what category the course was approved for?

Ask the sponsor to replace the certificate with one that has the course code entered. They are obligated to provide that for you and are provided that information by the Alarm Advisory Committee.

Where Do I start?

Start by entering information from your certificates into the CEU planner/tracker using the "Enter Certificate" tab. Be sure to enter into the matching course category.

What CEU Courses should I share between licenses?

You can share only the required courses between licenses.

How do I save my work after I have entered my certificates or planned my curriculum?

Save your entries by clicking on the "Save" button at the top or bottom of the license area you have entered data in. The buttons in the BA area do not save data entered in the fire area, etc.

What if I have more Licenses than show on the planner page?

If you have more than one license and one or more is not being displayed, you must "update your profile," adding in the additional license information. Be sure to select the designated code for multiple licenses so your planner displays the requirements for all three licenses.

What does an official NJ CEU Certificate look like? 

A picture is worth a thousand words.

What are the course codes and how do they apply to my license?

You will find courses that meet the License Renewal Requirements for your:

  • Burglar Alarm License
  • Fire Alarm License
  • Locksmith License
  • TECFA - Technical Fire Alarm - (FA License only)
  • TECBA - Technical Burglar Alarm (BA License only)
  • TECLD - Technical Locksmith Devices (Locksmith License only)
  • TECRF - Technical Residential Fire (Required 3 hr smoke detection course for BA License)
  • TECBF - Technical Bug/Fire (BA & FA Licenses)
  • TECES - Technical Electronic Security (Access, CCTV, Intercom, Basic Electronics) (All Licenses)
  • BUS - Business (FA, BA & Locksmith Licenses)
  • L/C - Laws and Codes (FA, BA & Locksmith Licenses)
  • SAF - Safety (FA, BA & Locksmith Licenses)
  • ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act (Required for all Licenses)
  • UCC - NJ Uniform Construction Code (Required for all Licenses)
  • BFREE - NJ Barrier Free Sub-code (Required for all Licenses)

Certainly TECFA courses and L/C courses may also help you satisfy the CPD training requirements for the renewal of your NICET certification.

Any of the courses listed on this site can be used to satisfy the additional 70 hours of training required of an applicant for a burglar alarm or a fire alarm license.