About Us

CEU Center is brought to you by Strandberg Solutions.  We research current issues, methods, procedures and current product solutions in the electronic security industry and other industries that are in need of improvement.  Once we find an area that fits our criteria, we creatively look for innovative and out of the box solutions and then combine the best design concepts to implement.

This Web site is just such an endeavor.  Until NJCEUcenter.com was launched, Licensees only had access to the names and addresses of CEU providers, not the courses, unless a course was advertised by a particular provider.  That made finding and taking courses a real chore.  NJCEUcenter.com also helps Licensees to conveniently track their CEU progress and plan a curriculum that makes the best use of their time.  We hope you make good use of it!

We partner with industry whenever possible, seeking to leverage our new concepts with well established manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, media and individual industry practitioners.

Our current targeted areas for improvement concepts in the Electronic Security Industry include Sales, Installation, Service, Training, Technology, Organization, Customer Relationship Management, Dispatching, Customer Service, Call Center and Central Station Operations.

If you have experienced something in your work and said to yourself or others: "there has to be a better way", we would be happy to hear from you.  Drop us an email at: WEBmaster@NJCEUcenter.com  We look forward to hearing from you!